At The Starter Labs, we believe that our team is the greatest contributor to our success. We want entrepreneurs not employees, so here are 6 reasons to NOT join us:-

1. No Clear Role

We don’t believe in bracketing our team members into “designations”. We’d rather utilise you to your full potential across different departments.

2. No Company Policies

No silly rules, regulations, policies or dress codes. Just act in the best interest of the company and our clients.(please don't show up to work in your boxers)

3. No Defined Working Hours

9-5 or 12-6, if the work is being done, we're good. Don't hang around till 9pm every day just to please us (honestly, that's a bit creepy.)

4. No clear career path

You define your own growth. We'll help you in every way we can though.

5. No Consistency

In our world, no two days are alike. We might spend one entire day at meetings across the city and the next three coming up with ideas at a coffee shop.

6. You can’t buy your own pizza

We’ll cover it. If you don’t like pizza (really?)- burgers, subs, salads, dragon meat, anything will do.

If you’ve read all of this and STILL want to join the madness,
we can’t wait to hear from you!
Send in your C.V. to

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